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Story about Fantasy Fashion Show at Gallery 1313 in 2006 written by: Sonya from toronto website

Post from the gallery 1313 fashion show I participated in as one of the designers and models.

Gallery 1313 Fantasy Fashion Show
~ Sonja Andic

Fantasy Fashion Show Hits the Mark, Oct 2, 2006
1313 Queen St West

Oh yes this fashion show was all about fantasy fashion. Fashions last seen on the set of Battlestar Galactica or Star Trek, in some freaky intergalactic bar episode. On show for the audience was: tattooed nudity in skimpy shorts; shaman worship rituals with bald men brandishing twigs and feathers; alien looking men totally covered in extreme body-paint designs; a huge ball gown made entirely from hair; dresses made from balloons; and possessed models acting like little girls cutting away at each others clothes. Whew, and that is just the summary!

But why not have some fun with fashion…does it all have to be practical and wearable? Hmmmm clearly lots of debate over that issue – but Torontostreetfashion supports all design endeavors wearable or not!

TSF design highlights were: Joelle Wall’s dress made of hair; design label Noxious’ fun Caution Bikini and Drunken Sailor gal outfits; Menno Krant’s body painting: and Taylor Flook’s deranged little girls cutting each others hair and clothes.

Designer Participants: Tara Bursey, Sean Reaney, Dawn Maillaux, Richard Preston, Melodie Carew, Ryan Alexander, Tracy Horvath, Cecile Champlain and Krystyna Hunter.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dreams and Nightmares Art Show

For this event I showcased my own creation of an art piece called the human collage.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Short Story I wrote called Fate Or Not

Page 1

Destiny dipped her foot in the water by her water fall.

Suddenly, she was interrupted by a guy that tapped her on the shoulder.

“Hello”,” I couldn’t help but notice you,” he said.

You looked so beautiful with your long white flowing dress and your shiny hair.
Destiny, stunned whirled around.

He peered at her closely and noticed right away that she had a clear crystal star on her forehead.

“Excuse me, who are you”? And, what are you doing here she said in a sly voice.

“Oh, allow me to introduce myself,” I am Pedro and I couldn’t help but notice you from across the way, you just stood out like this beautiful flower and as soon as I saw you I knew I just had to come over and say hi.

“Look, I am glad that you find me attractive but I just want to be left alone,” she said in an impatient rude voice.

But, Pedro pleaded, the moment I saw you I felt something, something real like a connection, love at first sight perhaps.

“What, that is ridiculous”, she said.” Love at first sight, it doesn’t exist you know, theirs no such thing.”

Destiny peered up at him and looked him right in the eyes, immediately she started to feel her body shift in a way that was foreign to her, she felt tingly in her heart and her stomach churned sure enough it was love she felt.

She got lost in his eyes for a minute then felt her heart open and immediately she snapped herself out of it and backed away.

“See, he said, you felt it too”, I just know you did.

“I felt you feel it!”

“I didn’t feel anything of the sort,” she said, I don’t know what you are talking about.

Page 2

Pedro sighed with frustration and said, “I am so lonely,” “I have been isolated for so many years,”

“ I yearn, yearn for love,” yearn for companionship and I have for quite some time now ever since my mother died, and I abandoned myself in the tower near your

Today I got enough courage to go out, and I see you, this beautiful women that I can’t take my eyes off of.

“I feel it is fate that I saw you, love at first sight.”

Destiny looked up at him surprised,” abandoned,” did you say that you abandoned yourself for years?

“Yes,” he stammered embarrassed.

Destiny couldn’t believe it, she too had abandoned herself for years after she ran away from home due to being neglected and not touched or loved very much by her family members.

Should I tell him she thought? There was a long pause…. Then she took a deep breath and said,

“Well, I too abandoned myself here,”” As a matter of fact I live under the water fall, and have for 12 yrs.”

“Really?” He said.

“So have I .”

“I have lived in the tower here in Prog hidden deep in the forest for 12yrs alone.”

“Why were you alone?” She asked.
“Because my father abandoned me when I was really young do to thinking I was a freak because of my power. “ he said.

“Power,” Destiny’s eyes widened.

“What do you mean power?”

“Well, ever since I was young I learned of this power that I have and that is I am able to stop and start the world with my hands. “

“The first time I did it my dad freaked out thought I was dangerous so he left and I never saw him again.”

“Then I lived with my mom in the tower until she died of cancer.”

“Oh, I am sorry to hear about your mom,” Destiny said.

Page 3

“That’s ok,” thanks Pedro said.

“Well, I think it’s strange how you have a power because I have a power too,” Destiny said.

“Really,” Pedro leaned in closer intrigued.

“Yeah, as a matter of fact I am able to walk on water without falling through.”

“Wow,” cool he said.

Destiny continued,“ I never had it since I was a kid like you but when I ran away from home do to being neglected I came here and would go into the water to cleanse my pain I felt and I kept doing it until one day I discovered that I could walk on water.”

“ I don’t know how I got this power it’s just happened.”

“ It’s magic you know.”

A light bulb went off in Pedro’s head.

“ See, we are meant to be!” he exclaimed.” Look how much we have in common!”

“Oh,I am so happy I found you,” I longed for this moment for a very long time.

“Look,” just because we have a couple things in common doesn’t mean we are meant to be, as a matter of fact I don’t want to be with anyone, I am quite happy being alone.”

“What, how could you say that?” Pedro said confused.

“I just did.” Destiny said.

“I am happy being alone with my beloved waterfall and my power that keeps me going.”

“I don’t believe you,” Pedro stammered.

“Well, believe it,” now if you don’t mind I’d like for you to leave me alone!!!
With that, Destiny motioned for him to go away, heart broken Pedro turned and walked away.

A couple hours later Pedro decides to try again so he came back to Destiny with flowers in his hand.

“These are for you,” he said.

Destiny spun around.

“What, you got me flowers, how could you?” She said.

Page 4

“What, what do you mean?” I don’t mean any harm by it, I am just trying to be nice,

“Here, just take them, the least you can do is smell them.” Pedro said.

“I thought I told you to leave me alone,” Destiny said angrily.

Before she could say anything else Pedro put the flowers in her hand in hopes that she would smell them this would calm her down.

But, instead of smelling them DESTINY throws them back at him and pushes him meaning to push him away from her in hopes that he would get the point that she doesn’t want to be with him, but as she does this, she pushes him to hard and he accidently falls in the water and can’t swim.

“Oh my god, destiny screams,” “Pedro”” Pedro”,” I’m so sorry!”” Are you alright?”

“I can’t swim” he screams, “I am going to die in here!!!”

“No you won’t,” “ I’ll save you!” she yelled back!

“What you’ll save me,” “I thought you didn’t care about me!”

“Oh shut up,” it is what it is!”

Well……..hurl…….with that, Pedro was caught off my him loosing strength to tread water, he began to sink to the bottom , his body felt weak and lifeless, this is it, he thought, I am dying this is the end for me.

He closed his mouth and felt as his airway passages closed, then everything went black…..

Just then, Destiny walks on the water and finds Pedro. Star jewel glowing in the middle of her forehead, she asks the water to separate where Pedro is; the water obeys her and does just that.

Destiny sees Pedro lying in the sand at the bottom, she walks over to him and scoops him up in her arms and carries him back to her home.
She sets him on the ground and then asks the water to go back to its regular form. Once again, her star jewel glowed on her forehead and the water did just that.
She turned back to Pedro, she touched his face, and it was cold and clammy.

“Oh god,” I am so sorry she said.

“This is all my fault!”

She laid her head on his chest and noticed that he wasn’t breathing.
“Please Pedro, come back to life,” “I do want you,” I want to be with you!”

Page 5

As she said this, her star jewel lit up, and some warm loving energy flowed into Pedro, as this happened, she began to feel his body warm up.
As soon as she felt this, she gave him mouth to mouth and he coughed.

“Oh, Pedro your alive!” She said,” I thought you were dead! “

Pedro weak and disoriented slowly opened his eyes, and began breathing.

“Were….were am I?” He stammered….

“What, what happened”?

Just then he peered up at Destiny, and then it all came back to him.

“You, you pushed me,” he said.

“I fell because of you!”

Now, fully awake and in shock, he stood up and broke free from her grasp.

“How, how could you?” He screamed angrily.

“I tried to give you flowers and then you pushed me!!”

“I I I’m sorry,” Destiny stammered,” I didn’t mean to, it was an accident. “

“Accident my ass,” he said.” If you didn’t push me I would have never fallen.”

“I know I am sorry;” I made a mistake, destiny pleaded.

“Please forgive me!”

“I saved your life even though I pushed you,” I do like you, I do care for you, and this has proved it to me!”

“I don’t care”, he screamed, you never should have pushed me!!!

“Forget you,” he called over his shoulder, you ain’t worth it!

“I never want to see you again!”

With that, he turned and stomped away heading back to his home. As he walked he thought about just how mean it was for Destiny to push him like that once he put the flowers in her hand. ‘Why did she do that?’ He thought.

Page 6

She obviously doesn’t like me. If she did she would have never pushed me. Well, screw her, we weren’t meant to be anyway……

His thoughts were interrupted by a glowing light that appeared in front of him.
The light looked like millions of crystal stars. As he peered at the light closer he saw that the stars were starting to take form and they were forming into the shape of a women.

Once fully formed Anastasia appeared.

He noticed that she was wearing a sparkly, long blue cloak that covered her head. Her white hair peeked through the sides. He guessed she was women in her late 50’s.

“Hello,” she said in a perky friendly voice.

“Hi,” he said.

“Who are you?”

“Well, I am a fairy god mother she said in a cheerful voice.”

The minute she opened her mouth it reminded him of his mother. Instantly, her sweet calming voice made him smile.

“Wow,” you remind me of my mother, he said. She’s dead now, he said with a sad look on his face.

“Oh,” I am truly sorry to hear that! she said.

“Thanks” he said.

“Um, what are you doing here” he said.

“Ah yes,” good question she said.

“I am here to help you with Destiny” she said.

“Help me,” he laughed, “oh that’s hopeless” he said.

“She pushed me”……Anastasia cut him off.

“I know what happened” she said.

“And that is why I am here,” to help you so you guys can be together.

“I know you are angry about her pushing you, but you have to understand, because she didn’t come from a very affectionate family she tends to push love away as a result.”

“It’s not her fault, you know.”

“ She just hasn’t learnt how to accept love that’s all. Her family didn’t touch her much when she was young so she not used to it.”

“But, I do one thing,” she did save your life, and that means that she does care for you!”

“Now that you know that she doesn’t mean to do this to you, this should help you forgive her for pushing you. And, please be thankful that she saved your life, you could have died.”

I will show just how much she does care.

Anastasia retrieved a star wand from the pocket in her cloak, she move it around in circles, show us Destiny she said.

With that, Pedro was amazed to see that a port hole opened in the forest and he could see Destiny.

She was crying, her tears hitting the water like poisonous acid.

She looked so sad, so lonely.

“See,” Anastasia said, “she needs you.”

“She needs your love and you need her love.”

All of a sudden, Pedro felt his heart start to open and he felt compassion and love for destiny instead of anger.

“Oh my god,” he said. She saved my life and I didn’t even thank her.

“I feel like such a moron.”

“Well, go to her now and let her know, now is your chance”

With that, Anastasia disappeared.

Thank you Anastasia, Pedro thought. Thank you for making me see.

Pedro headed back to Destiny but as he approached her home he noticed that she is no were to be found and her star jewel was on a rock beside her home.

Puzzled, he walks over to the star jewel and calls out her name.

“Destiny, were are you?”

There is no response.

He picked up the star jewel put it in his pocket and started walking back towards his home thinking maybe she went looking for him but as he approached the pathway that leads to his house he sees her lying their passed out.

“Oh my god,” what happened? Pedro screams.

He knelt down beside her and held her head in his arms.

“Somebody help!!!” “Please help!!!” He screamed.

Page 8

All of a sudden Anastasia appears.

“Oh thank god it’s you,” Pedro says.

“Something happened to Destiny!!!”

“She’s passed out!” Pedro says.

“Oh dear, I was afraid this would happen,” Anastasia said.

“What do you mean?” Pedro asks.

“You see without love the star jewel looses its power and Destiny grows weak.”
“ You hold the key to keep her power strong.”

It is with your love that she is able to be more and more powerful.
You see the more love she receives the more powerful she get’s and the more her power is able to heal her.

What you have to do now is to place the star jewel in the middle of her forehead, once you do this the star will glow and then Destiny will be awakened.
Pedro removed the star jewel from his pocket, he walked over to put the jewel on Destiny’s forehead but, just as he does this Anastasia grabbed it out of his hand and disappears into thin air.

“Pedro shocked,” cries out!

“Were did you go? “

Their was no response.

Pedro grasps Destiny’s hand, her hand felt so cold, so lifeless.

“Oh, Destiny”, I’m so sorry, I should have never left your side, I should have forgiven you! I am so sorry!

“I love you!” “I do love you!”

Just then, Anastasia appeared.

“This time she had an evil look in her eye!”

“It will never work!” She said!

“I now have her power!” “You will never be able to save her now!”

“I finally have the power I have been seeking!”

Page 9

“You see, this jewel allows the person in possession of it to be healed from pain of their past by granting them a power that allows them the ability to overcome it.”

“In Destiny’s case her ability to walk on water and heal her pain with it as well.”

“And now I have it!” “And now I shall be healed!”

“No!!! “Please!!! “Pedro screamed!!!”

“Destiny will die!!!” “Her pain is to strong!!!” “She needs the jewel to keep alive!!!”

“And you don’t think I want to heal my pain?”” The pain I suffer from everyday!” exclaimed Anastasia.

“Everybody thinks, fairy godmothers are such nice, loving warm people that have no pain and no worries and that were perfect.”

“Well, it’s not true, and it’s time for me to have my victory to be happy, to help myself instead of helping others all the time!!”

“I am sick of helping others!”

“No, please Pedro pleaded again!”

” Their has to be another way!”

“Their just has to!”

Just then Pedro thought of his special power he had, the ability to stop and start the world with his hands. Although he had this power, he was afraid to use it and hadn’t used it in a long time because his father had left him because of it and it made him feel ashamed to ever use it again.

He wasn’t even sure if it would work but he figured he would take a chance.
Letting go of Destiny’s hand he lightly kissed her on the lips and softly said, “I’ll save you, I promise!”

Then he raised his hands , and said, “I command you to stop the world so that this fairy god mother will stop dead in her tracks so I can save Destiny.”
It worked, sure enough, the trees stopped swaying and the birds stopped dead in their tracks.

But, for some reason it didn’t work on Anastasia, she was still moving, although it did threaten her because she was clutching her star wand for protection.

“That’s it,” Pedro thought.

“It’s her star wand that is protecting her from my power.”

“I have to find a way to take it away from her.”

Holding that thought, he all of sudden charged at Anastasia.
She jumped startled, and tried to use the wand to protect herself but before she could do this, Pedro grabbed the wand away from her.

Page 10

Stunned she yelled,” give that back!”

“No he said, not until you give the star jewel back!”

“Never”, she said!

“Fine then I won’t give this back!” he yelled.
With that, he threw it on the ground as he did this, he yelled, I hate you fairy god mother I should have never trusted in you!

All of a sudden the wand started to light up.

He had done and said this not knowing that this would cast a spell on her!
Apparently, retrieving a wand from a fairy godmother that you don’t trust in and saying this at the same time as throwing it on the ground causes her to loose her positive power and become stagnant.

Because this was said, it did just that!

The fairy godmother froze and was unable to move.

The star jewel fell from her hand.

Pedro caught it just before it hit the ground and smashed in a million pieces.
Once he had the star jewel in his hand, he went over to Destiny and placed the jewel in the middle of her forehead.

The jewel started to light up.

Slowly she opened her eyes.

“Oh, Destiny he said thank god you are ok.”

He leaned over to kiss her on the lips.

But, Destiny now fully awake, rolled away from him and stood up.

“How, how could you do that to me?” She said.
Pedro was puzzled.

“I remember what happened,” You, you left me!”

“I I I’m sorry”, Pedro stammered.

“I was mad, you made me fall in the water!”

“And you wouldn’t forgive me!”” Why!”

“I don’t think I can be with anyone who doesn’t forgive me!”

“She turned and started to run away!”

Page 11

“Destiny wait!” He called after her!”

“Please wait!”” I love you!!”

“I just saved you like you saved me!!”

“Please, we are ,meant to be!!”

“Don’t you see?”

“This was meant to happen to show us how much we really do care for each other, even though it is hard for us to love or receive love because of our pasts.
Once Pedro said this, Destiny stopped dead in her tracks.
That was true, she thought.

She knew that it was hard for her to love or receive it. She hated it but it was true.

Once Pedro caught up to her.

“She turned and looked at him and said, I want to love you, I do, but I just don’t know how.”

“Neither do I,” he said.

“And that’s why we are in this together.”

“We can help each other let the other person in and be loved.”

“I feel that it is fate for us to be together, how ever much we push each other away and pull each other back in.”

Just then, Destiny took hold of Pedro’s hand and, said, “I forgive you”
Pedro smiled and said, “I forgive you to!”

All of a sudden, they both started to feel their hearts open and love flooded their bodies.

They looked in each other's eyes and at that moment they realized that as long as they had each other and had a mutually understanding of each other’s problem they’d be ok.

Pedro leaned into Destiny and they both embraced each other and kissed each other passionately on the lips.

Then they walked hand in hand happily back to Destiny’s home.


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Short Story I Wrote

Fierce Vixen

He grabbed her from behind; she felt his rough, tough hands grip her throat. Upon instinct, she grabbed his hand and flung it off of her, with one fierce tug. Stunned by her power he jerked back and went to grab at her throat again.

"Fuck off" she screamed, and once again grabbed his hand and flung it off of her. Just then, she gave him a huge kick from behind and got him smack dab right in the balls. He screamed in pain as he fell to the floor. As he lay their whimpering she fled from him and yelled and screamed for her life. He got up and started chasing her but she was to fast for him and she ducked into an alley way and hid in the dark corridor.

Come out come wherever you are, he yelled. She remained their crouched down, she could feel her heart pounding in her chest, but to her surprise she wasn't afraid, no she was just startled that's all.

"No man should ever be able to get away with this she thought."

I should teach him a lesson. With that, she scrambled out of her hiding place and said, "You want me, Come and get me."

He turned around and started coming her way. She picked up a stick that was lying on the floor in front of her. He kept coming towards her; he couldn’t see the stick for it was dark. he came at her with his fist she caught it with her left hand and flung it away then she whacked him in the head with the stick, as he fell to the floor, she viciously started whacking him on his back and his legs as she did this she yelled,

"You know what I hate about bully's like you? You never know when to quit!"

You think that if you pick on women that you will be able to get away with it as a result of feeling like it will empower you, but you have another thing coming. their are women that will not pout up with your bullshit, and will give you a taste of your own medicine.




The cops arrived notlong before she called and they were amazed at how well she hadprotected herself from him. One cop even said, "Wow" You're quite the fierce women;


As she shook hands with the police officer, turned and walked away, she had this feeling amazing impowerment feeling within her, a feeling that she would remember forever.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bone Chilling Memories

It was a dark, cold and stormy night; Lizzy peered into the darkness staring up at her ceiling.

The wind howled outside her bedroom window and the rain hit wickedly against the pane.

Lizzy took a deep breath in, a scent of damp musty air filled her nostrils and made her body shiver with disgust.

Her head felt cold and it spun like a merry-go-round.

Obsessive thoughts repeated over and over in her mind causing
her head to jerk back and forth.

These putrid thoughts of killing innocent people: Why couldn’t she control them?!

Why were they taking over her precious mind, body and soul?

She could smell the fresh blood of her victims as they lay their whimpering, gasping for their last breaths as she took one last blow to their head
with the crowbar and watched them in awe as they lay there dying.

The blood was so sweet, as sweet as a candied apple on a hot summer’s day.

She liked the way it trickled down their bodies and on the floor beside them in a thick pool. She liked the way they looked so lifeless and were cold as ice.

She didn’t understand why she didn’t feel bad for killing many innocent victims,
nor did she care.

This was a never-ending addiction for her and it was something
she was just born with.

“The only explanation, She was born Naturally Born Bad”!

“And she was unstoppable and unpredictable”.

No one ever knew when she was going to strike again for she would hide in the bushes
and wait until her prey had reached the target and then she would creep up behind them, strike them and watch them helplessly fall to the ground with a loud groan!

A sly smile spread on Lizzy's face as she lay thinking about it,
embracing in her evil glory.

"Precious Pouch"

It all started when I was walking along the road feeling quite depressed that day, that everything was hopeless and I would never feel the joy of feeling happy again.

“All of a sudden”, I came across this beautiful gem and even though it was a gloomy day that day this gem stood out for me like the most beautiful thing in the world.

I knelt down and picked it up staring at in awe enjoying the fact that when it reflected off the dim light that it looked like rainbow colors swirling in the center.

I started to smile to myself and feeling like I had the most precious thing ever. I put it safely in my pocket and I have kept it since.

It was really a decorative stone used for table arrangements found at the local Wal-Mart but, I thought of it as a gem and to this day, whenever I feel down I hold it in my hand and visualize the day I found it and makes me feel better.

The next item I will tell you about is about a spiritual seed that came from a necklace that was made out of them. I was walking down the street and spotted a street sale on the corner of it.

A long necklace made out of seeds the size of a dime caught my eye and I stopped dead in my tracks. It intrigued me and I asked the guy how much it was. $5 he said.

I checked my pockets and saw that I only had a dollar on me. Feeling frustrated I checked my bag to see if their may have been more coins their.

Nothing. Muttering to myself I started to walk away and then I heard a voice say, Hey come back. I went back and the guy said, what seems to be the problem? I told him that I found the seeded necklace unique and wanted to use it for spiritual purposes and he said take it, it’s on me just like that.

That’s how I knew it was special. So, I took it home and it has been on my wall ever since. I have reason to believe that it brings me luck and I put one of the special seeds in my pouch for keeps.

Another special item that is in the pouch is a Guatemalan spiritual worry doll. This doll was given to me at a rave I was at. That night I was feeling really depressed and I couldn’t stop worrying about things.

This guy comes up to me and asks me if I was ok? I was shocked that he could tell that I was worrying allot. “How did you know?” I stammered. I read your body language from over where I was sitting. I was watching you for awhile now. Feeling a bit nervous I started to turn away from him. He picked this up and at that moment handed me the Guatemalan worry doll.

What’s this? I asked. It’s a very special doll that has spiritual powers. Intrigued I leaned forward to learn more. What it’s purpose does is it takes your worries away. You tell your worries to the doll and put it under your pillow and sleep with it under it and then in the morning your worries are gone.

Cool, I said. That night after I left the rave I went home and told my biggest worry to the doll and put it under my pillow. The next day I realized that my worry wasn’t so intense and I thought to myself, this couldn’t possibly be. A doll couldn’t possibly have these powers but it sure felt good to get my worry out by telling it to it. Then it struck me, that’s why I was feeling better because I had released my worry and expressing our worries to people or things always helps clear the mind and lesson worry.

The next item was a square clear glass pendulum with an angel engraved in it. This item was given to me by a very dear friend of mine I had at one point in my life.

I used to work for him and I don’t remember the whole story behind it unfortunately but I know that he gave it to me and told me that this angel would watch over me and protect me and I wore it every day after that point and eventually the chain broke and all that was left of it was the pendulum and I put it in my pouch so I could have it for all eternity and the angel would watch over me when I needed it to help me through the bad times.

Next is a fortune from a fortune cookie that I got. I kept this from a show I had once performed in. My friend had made a dress out thousands of fortunes and one of the fortunes had really caught my eye so I took it and put it in my pouch hoping it would act as an inspiration for me.

Another was a white gem similar to the blue one that I found on the street. Again this gem made me feel rich instead of feeling poor which was what I felt because I was living in poverty at the time.

Well that’s it, unfortunately their were only six items in this special pouch but I would like to collect more one day to add to it.

This is the only thing I own that has very special significance to me in this way. Other that this, I would have had to make it up and I would rather be honest in my writing then make something up just so it sounds good.

I am excited and eager to know what I will find or receive next to add to it to keep the spirit of the special pouch alive!

"Experience Of Performing Awakening Of The Spiritual Goddess"

I stood behind the door waiting for my cue. Then I heard it, it was our cue. I walked onto the stage.

There on the stage I heard our song begin to play.

"How can you see into my eyes like open doors"? "Bringing me down into my core where I've become so numb"

The song was Bring Me To Life By, Evanescense.

I looked over my shoulder and saw that the other dancers were in their places.

I picked up the crystal ball and placed it in my right hand and circled around it with my left hand just as we had practiced the night before.

The stage lights shined in my eyes and I remember glancing up at the crowd once during the performance and at that moment realized that I couldn’t see anyone because the giant stage lights were shining in my eyes.

The fact that I couldn’t see anyone out in the crowd that would make me nervous helped me to concentrate better.

I tried my best to get the dance right through out the rest of the performance and to not mess up.

Before I knew, it was time to wrap up the piece and get off stage for the next.

As I walked off stage I was glad to hear that people shared positive feedback about it like "nice work", we want more because it was an indication that we had put on a half decent show and that made me feel very proud that the hard work we did had paid off.